Investment Criteria

ENVISION is open to making new investments!

Type of Investment

Our focus is on early stage and emerging growth opportunities. We will also consider expanding a management team and providing support for a product or service idea; investing into stalled or distressed brands with turnaround situations; and possible brand consolidation or aggregation if the opportunity presents superior returns.

Investment Size

We will make a significant, targeted investment, including finding co-investment partners. We prefer to follow a lead investor and will also participate in larger deals.


Investing in leaders is at the core of most successful business ventures. We believe in investing with people who have strong values, an innovative track record, and a proven record of progress. We seek management teams, demonstrating these qualities:

  • Understand and embrace analytics and resulting insights
  • Have a compelling plan, yet are willing to admit mistakes and fix them quickly
  • Display a strong work ethic, while serving as a role model for others
  • Are entrepreneurial and agile in managing and decision-making
  • Recognize the importance of cash flow and financial planning
  • Have great instincts and seek advice on how to manage growth

Product and Service Characteristics

Although there are unique variables based on the investment type and industry, there are common product characteristics often defining rich opportunities:

  • Products or services addressing an unmet or changing consumer need
  • Highly differentiated product or service, commanding higher gross margins
  • Sustainable competitive advantages
  • And ideally, proprietary intellectual properties