In 1994, ENVISION’s original mission: Help Build Strong Brands. We pioneered the ‘Accelerated Growth System’ (AGS) delivering a brand driven growth strategy. Our client base was almost exclusively Fortune 500 brands, including Allstate, Nike, Quaker Oats, The Weather Channel and the Olympics (USOC). In 2000, ENVISION was acquired by McKinsey & Company. They deployed our consumer first approach, proven methods and enduring tools (including the noted Brand Equity Model) throughout all 62 offices globally. Our mission remained, while the scale and scope broadened considerably.
In 2008, ENVISION re-purchased select intellectual property back from McKinsey including the ENVISION name and domains, the right to use certain tools, while acknowledging their ownership of the Brand Equity Model. The permitted scope of use was limited to non-profits and smaller companies. Our mission remained true, our client base evolved, featuring brands like Willow Creek Community Church; REVEAL, the book series about spiritual growth; the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, creating custom church profiles; RenewalWorks, a personal spiritual assessment; and New Vision Athletics, a basis to develop skills for children.

Over time our mission evolved, as our clients sought more expanded guidance:

  • What should our brand (or company) be investing in to accelerate growth?

    In essence, connecting brand strategy and specific investment priorities. This was not a shift in our mission; rather a more current way of defining how to best grow strong brands. Our client base migrated to include entrepreneurial brands like ClickPay (acquired by Real Page), Adhezion Biomedical, CryoConcepts and Continental Cup Company.

    ENVISION’s commitment to its enduring mission deepened, as we began making direct investments and co-investments through GCPchicago, a limited partnership. Both ENVISION and GCPchicago are managed by founder, Eric Arnson.

  • Advising & Investing in Companies to Grow Strong Brands!