Why Brands

Strong brands lower risk, provide higher margins, and can sustain growth.

Brand-Driven Growth

Building strong brands is essential to our investment strategy. We believe strengthening brands is critical for long-term health and returns. Growing brands, a strategy we have helped to advance, indicate a committed customer base. Their engagement and willingness to try other products and services produces lower risk, and improves margins.

Strong brands create customers who:

  • are more loyal
  • will pay a higher price premium
  • are willing to personally endorse / advocate
  • provide future growth opportunities

Key Strategic Questions

Who should our brand serve?
What are their unmet needs?
Frame of Reference
What is the scope of our business?
What is competitive set and business model?
Point of Difference
Why is our brand unique, compelling, and capable of sustaining a relationship?
Basis to Invest
What drives growth?
What are the insights that define where to invest?